Welcome Konstantin Letuchy

Konstantin LetuchySmWe are pleased to introduce our newest Associate Accountant, Konstantin Letuchy.  He recently graduated from Dominican University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, concentration in accounting and finance.

Konstantin is very excited to be starting his career here at DKC.  He is looking forward to his first tax season and getting to know our clients.  He cannot wait to start the CPA exam process and is determined to pass the exam by the end of the year.

Konstantin is one of the lucky people who grew up in the heart of San Francisco.  He loves everything about San Francisco, especially that there is always something to do.  Outside of work, Konstantin can be found playing with his dog Zoe, playing tennis, catching up on Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead, or hitting the slopes up in Tahoe.  He is crossing his fingers that this year will turn out to be a great ski/snowboarding season.

Next time you’re in the office, say hello to Konstantin.  And, don’t forget to ask some advice about where to eat and things to do in San Francisco.  It’s always great to get ideas from a native San Franciscan.

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