Welcome Jibrail Hamid

We are pleased to announce Devereaux, Kuhner & Co.’s new Associate, Jibrail Hamid. He was born and raised in Daly City, California.  Jibrail decided to stay local when continuing his academic career while attending San Francisco State University and graduating in 2022 with a degree in accounting. Jibrail knew he wanted to be a business major but wasn’t sure which specific field to go into. When Jibrail took his first required accounting class, he took an interest in it and decided to become an accounting major. Jibrail chose to specialize in tax accounting because he likes the challenge and complexity of interpreting the tax code. In his free time, Jibrail enjoys playing video games and listening to music, specifically the genre of hip hop and rap. His favorite thing to do is travel. Currently, he has traveled to eight different countries and his next stop is Europe, specifically Amsterdam, Germany, Paris and London. 

Next time you’re near the office, feel free to stop in and say hi to Jibrail!

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