Welcome Justin Gong

Justin Gong is a recent graduate from University of California, Davis where he received a B.S. in Managerial Economics and studied Accounting.

Justin enjoyed his time in Davis and is excited to be back in the Bay Area where he grew up. What inspired Justin to be an accountant was an on-campus accounting position and his mom, who is an accountant.

Outside of work Justin likes being active and enjoys the outdoors. He loves visiting different National Parks. Next on his list is Banff and Joshua Tree National Park. He has hiked Half Dome and Mt. Whitney, and hopes to conquer Mt. Shasta with his dad sometime soon.

Justin likes playing all different kinds of sports. He took a beginning golf class at school and practiced a lot at the driving range, but still can’t hit the driver straight. That’s why his favorite sport to play and watch is basketball. When he’s not out and about, Justin enjoys watching movies, and likes keeping up with current events in sports, science, and technology.  Every now and then Justin likes making a homemade pizza. His favorite one to make is combo.

Justin Gong is excited to be working at DKC and looks forward to the challenges of his first tax season!

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