Welcome Graciela Ucan

Graciela Ucan

We are pleased to welcome Graciela Ucan as Devereaux, Kuhner & Co’s new receptionist.   Graciela graduated from San Francisco State with a degree in Business Administration which included some studies in accounting as well.  She enjoyed it very much and is excited to continue her interest with us at DKC!

Born in Yucatan, Mexico, Graciela grew up in the Bay Area and speaks Spanish as well as a little bit of Mayan!   Before joining DKC, Graciela has worked in the food service industry over ten years, but after turning 21, she included bartending as well — so she knows how to prepare delicious “after tax season” drinks!

During her free time, she enjoys hiking and sketching.  Exhibited here is one of her masterpieces, a beautiful composition about the cycle of life.  Next time you are in the office, stop by and say hello to Graciela!


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