Get to Know: Cynthia Bonavia

Perhaps it not a stretch to see where Cynthia Bonavia learned her love of numbers.

“My Mom and Dad each have eight brothers and sisters,” she says with a laugh. “So, we have huge family parties at Christmas and Easter with all the cousins, my sister and her three kids and my younger brother.”

That’s a lot of family members to count during the holidays.

On a professional level, Cynthia has been working with numbers since 2002 when she started her accounting career after graduating from the University of San Francisco in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Finance.

She became interested in the tax side of accounting during her college days. “Tax just made more sense to me in college. When I first started out, I stuck with it, because it felt like I was doing more. Auditing is just verifying things, whereas in tax you bring more to the table with planning and consulting.”

Cynthia was one of the original members of DK&C, which was a thrill for her. “It was exciting to start something new with a group of great people that I got along with really well,” she says. “We were able to start our own firm with our own new ideas and a fresh start.”

Cynthia during a trip to Greece.

Outside of the office, Cynthia enjoys to travel. So far, she’s been around Europe — Italy, Ireland, Scotland and Malta, where she still has family — and Australia. “I like to plan the places where we are going to stay, but I don’t plan the sight-seeing so much,” she says, “it’s more like whatever we feel like doing that day or what we hear about from people we talk to.”

She took that spontaneous philosophy with her on a trip to Hawaii shortly after the October tax season ended. “I went with a friend and we spent Halloween on Oahu,” she says. “It was a great time to get away and see what the holiday was like over there. The whole trip was great fun.”

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