DK&C Goes Orange & Black

DK&C Celebrates Giants WinMuch like the rest of the Bay Area, the team at Devereaux, Kuhner & Chin were caught up in the excitement of last year’s World Series. When the Giants ultimately won, it sent the entire firm into frenzy.

It helped that the firm opened its doors on November 1st, the same day the Giants won the championship.

“That night a bunch of us from the firm went to Greens on Polk Street to watch the game,” remembers Kaitlin Colburn, a lifelong Giants fan. “When it ended we were out in the street, cheering and popping champagne bottles. There was a lot of celebrating.”

Two days later most of the firm – in their orange and black – got front row seats at the beginning of the parade route, which just happened to be right outside their office. (To see pictures of the firm’s parade celebration, please visit the DK&C Facebook page by clicking here.)

Kaitlin’s love of the Giants goes back to her youth, when she’d go to Candlestick Park with her dad. “It was a way to bond with my Dad,” she says. “It was really special to get to go to the game. I like the whole atmosphere. I love when people are spirited and everyone comes together.”

Last season, Kaitlin enjoyed learning the players’ stories. “The men on the team were endearing,” she says. “Tim Lincecum is very intriguing to me. I met Cody Ross at a photo op. I love him. He was so happy and so grateful to be where they were. He has a really great smile. He gave me the biggest hug and he was really down to earth.”

As far as this season so far, Kaitlin sees big things for the team. “I think they were really excited that they won last year and overconfident, perhaps. Sports Illustrated said in their baseball preview issue that the Giants and the Red Sox are going to the World Series. I think they’ll go far, if they keep concentrating and not making the little mistakes they’ve been making.”

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