We are a boutique firm. We thrive in the spirit of camaraderie. We believe that the stronger we are as a team, the better service we can offer our clients.

We view coaching and development as a crucial ingredient in our success.

Every week we meet with our mentors. Staff members have a manager as a mentor. Managers have a partner as a mentor. Those meetings are times for staff to ask for work in new areas, for managers to offer feedback, and for conversation to take place between team members.

DKC provides in-house training for all associates in areas where we want to improve. CPA candidates can be reimbursed for their preparatory classes and get time off to study for the exam. Once they become a CPA, we pay for continuation classes. Associates are encouraged to study for an MBA degree and are eligible for tuition reimbursement.


Emergency Call

In case of urgent, feel free to ask questions.